Monday, March 14, 2016

Sculpture by the sea 2016

Venue: Cottesloe Beach
when: Until Sat 19th 2016

As can be seen in my photos below
This is an internationally recognised sculpture exhibition that plays with its environment, and brings sculptures from all over the globe to participate and enrich the beach dwellers.

There are some familiar  international and national artists exhibiting, the range of art and artists ensure there is something engaging for everyone to see. see below Photos i took on my walk around SBTS 2016

Individual Artist copyright applies to all photos. this one above is the Work of 
Tony Jones (WA Artist)

It's over now! i enjoyed aspects of the machetes and a handful of the sculptures, unfortunately the exhibition has become a showcase for so many of the old favourites that turn up every year and to be honest becomes a bit boring in that aspect, but it still draws people to see sculptures which is a good thing, any exposure of art to the public is good, but like Perth in general all too often the safe options are chosen and displayed, those that sell, with a few more interesting additions.
Always worth seeing to see if anything new and exciting has made it onto the list!

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