Sunday, March 13, 2016

Art Exhibition ending 5th March 2016.

"Below is above" 


Caspar Fairhall 

Images taken from Caspers website, Copyright applies.
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This was an artist talk i attended on the 5th March 2016 and an opportunity to look at the artworks.

These paintings were realised after Casper taking an residency up in the Bushland of the northern tip of Australia and a study of his response to the outback geology.

A study by an artist who also loves science. His work is engaging and geometric, he also considers it based in the genre of the Sublime and it does have an aspect of overwhelming the viewer in the larger pieces, such as that featured above "Strata III" 2014.

The colours are based in the iron ore oxide pigments used in the artworks, leading us both visually and through the limited colour palette of geological formations of Australia to that of the rock formations found up in the northern Pilbara region of Western Australia.

They evoke memories of Starships of popular science fiction movies and literature, that is enjoyed by Casper. His journey to the exhibition was one of wonderment of his place in the solar system that also inspired him, before returning back to the child like amazement of the earths rock formations over time, time being an essential part of Caspers work which with space and his love of science and that of einstein, believes in time and space being one in the same, and his M.C.Escher influence can be seen in his paintings where time and space meet and give the illusion of his objects floating in infinite space.

The Paintings are Oil on Linen/marine plywood and his smaller ones are watercolour/Graphits on Arches paper.

Margaret Moore writes a critique on Casper on

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