Monday, March 14, 2016

Alex Spremberg, Jurek Wybraniec & Trever Richards Artist talk/Exhibition

Title: WA Focus AS+TR+YW
Venue: Art Gallery of Western Australia
When: on now 12 March – 16 May 2016 weekdays time:now

Art Collective members and pushing boundaries in painting, all the artists discussed their individual artworks and the concepts behind them was very engaging. These Concrete artists have been putting together larger artworks that this exhibition at AGWA is exhibiting part of the full yet to be completed artworks on show.

Jurek Using Acrylic Board to depict a movie through the brush strokes of Anime backgrounds in Cell animation as a means to contrast with the etched paint filled text of the Close Capture text found on an old Australian movie that each of the words comes from.

Alex utilises and interacts with Record(vinyl music records) of the last 50 years to paint directly onto and transform the cultural iconography of the sleeves to that of artworks that complement each other in the larger artwork, many of which Alex has experimented with in photoshop before using traditional painting and figuratively in many to great effect, playful, joyful and bizarre images emerge.

Trevor takes marine plywood, Fluorescent Light Diffuser (covers) to transform through the colour range that many of Trevors previous works have utilised "BYOG" and only adding Greys to this minimal range of palette to explore in patterns and layering to create show the musical flow of his work, and some landscape wonderment.

"All are committed to the idea of the painting as an object rather than an image" Quote from AGWA 2016

Personally i enjoyed the use of material in all three and playful nature of Alex's works, Trevors is more formal in its appeal, geometry is always strong. the strength of colour has the impact that the artists are known for. Overall a worthwhile experience.

Jurek Wybraniec and his Artwork
Trevor Richards with his Artwork
Alex Spremberg with his artwork

Photos by me, but artwork copyright belongs to each individaul artist. this is a good exhibition to go see!

Improbable Returns

by Elisa Marker-Young & Christopher Young

Venue: Heathcote Museum&Gallery
When: 5th Mar-10th April Tues-Friday 10am-3pm,
Weekends 11am -3pm

(Photos Taken by me, But artist retains the copyright for all artworks.)

The artworks range from photos to sculptures, Materials from prints to paper cut and fondant icing, Wafers to artist books.
The works are photographs of the mundane to the religious iconography, very rich in colour, The detail and delicate touch of the artist interacts with the photos and transforms them into drawings and sculptures and extends to the frame with an aesthetic that is both beautiful to look at but also challenges the viewers notion of what a frame is.

I found a good exhibition to see for its contrast and use of materials stretching beyond the border, extremely well presented and use of media. Photographically i found some pieces more aesthetically pleasing than others, but the workmanship of the finished artworks are detailed and well crafted!

A must See!

Sculpture by the sea 2016

Venue: Cottesloe Beach
when: Until Sat 19th 2016

As can be seen in my photos below
This is an internationally recognised sculpture exhibition that plays with its environment, and brings sculptures from all over the globe to participate and enrich the beach dwellers.

There are some familiar  international and national artists exhibiting, the range of art and artists ensure there is something engaging for everyone to see. see below Photos i took on my walk around SBTS 2016

Individual Artist copyright applies to all photos. this one above is the Work of 
Tony Jones (WA Artist)

It's over now! i enjoyed aspects of the machetes and a handful of the sculptures, unfortunately the exhibition has become a showcase for so many of the old favourites that turn up every year and to be honest becomes a bit boring in that aspect, but it still draws people to see sculptures which is a good thing, any exposure of art to the public is good, but like Perth in general all too often the safe options are chosen and displayed, those that sell, with a few more interesting additions.
Always worth seeing to see if anything new and exciting has made it onto the list!

Bharti Kher

In Her Own Language
Venue: Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery (UWA Perth)
18th Feb - 16 Apr 2016 open Tues-Sat 11am-5pm

Photo taken from Bharti Khers website, copyright applies.

Bharti Kher is of Indian descent who studied fine art in the UK and went back to india to work on her art.
Bharti's Artworks are based in gender and culture of both western society and India's cultural heritage.
the work above is a cast resin sculpture and one of two in the show, UWA managed to secure these and other works ahead of Bharti's Sydney Bienalle for the PIAF program and Bharti's first Solo show in WA.
The other works are made from the Sari and the bindi(dots) that adorn Indian womens head between the eyes, these paintings are colurfull and engaging, while pillars in another gallery are adorned and posed sari's appear to be human like sculptures that have been set in resin to keep the form and preserve the shapes.

Robin's Review, a retrospective of works

by Robin Warren

Venue: Freight Gallery, 21 Beach Street, Fremantle, WA 6160
Gallery open Monday to Friday 10am – 4pm, Sundays 11am – 4pm.

(Photos by me but all artworks copyright belong to Robin Warren)

Robin is a Painter, but his mediums are not limited, this retrospective looks back over a decade of works, like my previous artist, he has worked out of Gotham Studios and his art is collected both Locally, Nationally and Internationally.

The art on display at Freight Gallery ranges from books of Robin's drawings which i personally enjoyed, all the way to a Tapestry that was created from one of his works to china/ceramic made with some of his artwork.
He has a childlike quality to his images, the wonderment and colour is sophisticated and the executions appears simple.

Some of the artworks are less developed than others, but the use of silvers and more sparkle contrast with the vibrant and complementary colour pallette really pop out of the image. Some are more playful and most have a dreamlike quality that Robin imagines the narrative and has done all his career.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Art Exhibition ending 5th March 2016.

"Below is above" 


Caspar Fairhall 

Images taken from Caspers website, Copyright applies.
( (

This was an artist talk i attended on the 5th March 2016 and an opportunity to look at the artworks.

These paintings were realised after Casper taking an residency up in the Bushland of the northern tip of Australia and a study of his response to the outback geology.

A study by an artist who also loves science. His work is engaging and geometric, he also considers it based in the genre of the Sublime and it does have an aspect of overwhelming the viewer in the larger pieces, such as that featured above "Strata III" 2014.

The colours are based in the iron ore oxide pigments used in the artworks, leading us both visually and through the limited colour palette of geological formations of Australia to that of the rock formations found up in the northern Pilbara region of Western Australia.

They evoke memories of Starships of popular science fiction movies and literature, that is enjoyed by Casper. His journey to the exhibition was one of wonderment of his place in the solar system that also inspired him, before returning back to the child like amazement of the earths rock formations over time, time being an essential part of Caspers work which with space and his love of science and that of einstein, believes in time and space being one in the same, and his M.C.Escher influence can be seen in his paintings where time and space meet and give the illusion of his objects floating in infinite space.

The Paintings are Oil on Linen/marine plywood and his smaller ones are watercolour/Graphits on Arches paper.

Margaret Moore writes a critique on Casper on

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